Quickly create a spelling test with your own school words

TurboWords is for learning the spelling of words, given at school, for example a new group of words to study every week.

Got 20 words to learn? Just record them in one stretch … in under a minute! TurboWords will split them up and create a spelling test for you. Seeing, saying, hearing and writing your words will help you succeed in school tests. A positive-reinforcement star shows your progress as you learn words, and shines when all words are correct.  To help you learn faster, the app can pronounce the sound of the word as you type your answer.

TurboWords lets you:

  • re-order your words, delete them, or re-record them

  • play words sequentially or randomly

  • set a time limit, so that the next word is automatically played back after a number of seconds that you set

  • take partial tests

  • exclude the learnt words from a spelling test

  • create groups of words

  • access contextual help on every screen

Enjoy the video of the app in action! The screenshots below represent the recording studio and the spelling test.

The recording studio is where you record, verify, re-order, delete, re-record your words, and see at a glance your last spelling test result.

The spelling test is where you play and type the recorded words. It's full-featured, with speak-as-you-type, previous and next word, play/pause, help, progress bar, random, exclude learnt words, and time limit.


Recording StudioRecording Studio


Spelling TestSpelling Test



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